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Your smile is more than just an expression of your feelings. It’s a source of confidence and a way to leave an impression on the world around you. If you have missing teeth due to disease, trauma or decay and are looking for a permanent solution. Using the All on FOUR technique for dental implants, patients can have beautiful new teeth the same day they come in while enjoying the finest in patient amenities and care.

The All on FOUR approach to dental implants represents a huge step forward in fixed oral rehabilitation and implantology.  Perhaps the most important part is that patients who were previously told that traditional dental implants would not be possible due to low bone volume can have a full set of new teeth with All on FOUR. Almost always, no bone grafting is required with the All on FOUR approach which means shorter operative and recovery time for you. The process starts with a thorough evaluation and diagnostic testing to see what your needs are. After formulating a treatment plan, our experts perform a simulated implant surgery using state-of-the-art three dimensional imaging programs. This step helps assure that the full mouth bridge we manufacture will fit just as it should. After four titanium posts are inserted in the upper and /or lower jaw, our lab manufactures the bridge for your new teeth. The implants are placed and you can be using your new teeth the same day to start eating and smiling.

Show off your confidence with a beautiful new smile. The All on FOUR approach to dental implants gives people like you a beautiful new set of teeth the same day you come in. We are is a leader in fixed oral rehabilitation and implantology you can trust to care for your smile. Call today.

Last but not least are aesthetics, my specialty and passion, an area where I refuse to compromise. By working with your dentist, master lab technician and a dental laboratory that uses the most cutting-edge materials, tools and techniques, you will get what I demand for all my patients - a beautiful, healthy smile you can flash with pride and confidence.

If you've suffered the agony and embarrassment of a serious degenerative oral condition, your suffering is over. There's simply never been a better time in history to correct the problem and start living life more fully. For information, contact us 760-203-6525.

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